response to coronavirus mandate

On Monday, March 16, an executive order was issued by the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri which limits the size of all public gatherings to 10 people maximum.  This order is to be in effect for 8 weeks, or until further word comes from City Hall. The Northland elders have verified that churches are not exempt from this restriction.  


The elders and minister are meeting weekly to consider how Northland will operate while this restriction and other mandated procedures are in force.  Currently, Northland will operate as follows:

               1.  All services and activities that normally take place at Northland Christian Church are cancelled until further notice.

               2.  Beginning Sunday, March 22 we will start “live streaming” the Sunday morning worship service using  “ZOOM” software.  NOTE:  An Order of Worship document containing the words to the hymns that will be included in the service is available for download, printing, or viewing by clicking on the "Sunday Morning Worship" page of the "What's Happening" section of the church website.

               3.  Only the minister, worship team members who choose to participate, technical staff, other support staff, and spouses will be in the sanctuary.  We are limiting the total number of people to 10 or less.

               4.  If you have previously successfully logged in to the live-streamed service and would be willing to have others from the church join you in your home to view the service with you, please let David Taylor know so he can direct people who might choose that option to you.             

               5.  We are fortunate that the Upper Room and Sanctuary are actually separate buildings that share one wall.  Therefore, we can have another 10 people in the Upper Room during Sunday morning services and still remain in compliance with the mayor's mandate.  To accommodate this, we will set up live-streaming of the worship service in the Upper Room  For those who do not have internet access or those who have not been able to join live-streaming and would like to attend the live-stream in the Upper Room:

                         a.  DON’T JUST SHOW UP THERE!

                         b.  Contact David Taylor.  He will be managing attendance.  Communion will be available there.  If you are attending, please park in the rear of the building.  While we are adhering to the 10-person public gathering limit, religious services are not considered an essential activity at this time.  We don't want to draw attention to the gathering at the building.

                         c.  If the 10-person limit has been reached, David will put you at the top of the list for the following week’s service, or, if you are willing to do so, will refer you to someone who is logging in successfully and would gladly have you come to their home to view the service.

                6.  For those who do not have supplies for taking communion at home and who wish to do so, the individual communion cups used for home communion will be available for pick-up at the church office at various times on Friday and from 8:00AM to 11:00AM on Saturday.  Please call Lee Petty to make sure he is at the church and that we still have a supply of the cups before coming to pick up those supplies.  His cell phone number is (816)599-0402.   And, PLEASE TAKE ONLY ENOUGH FOR YOU AND THOSE MEETING WITH YOU FOR ONE SUNDAY SERVICE.  Our current supply is limited and we are working to get a better supply on hand.

               7.  Tithes and Offerings can be given by mailing them to the church, dropping them off at the church office, or by using the PayPal on-line giving link on the church website.  If you mail them, send them to:      Northland Christian Church

                                    6120 NE 48th St.

                                    Kansas CityMO  64119

If you choose to drop them off in person, you can do so most weekdays from 8:00AM until 11:00AM.  Please call Lee Petty at the number above to verify he is at the church before coming to the building.

                 8.  Prayer requests need to be sent to Jane Weigand for posting.



Those Who Have Previously Successfully Joined a Live Stream Follow These Instructions:

                 1.  Go to the, open the “What’s Happening” section, then open the “Response to Coronavirus Mandates” page.

                 2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Click Here to Access the ZOOM Live-Stream” link.  A box will appear labeled “Open URL:Zoom Launcher” or “Open Zoom” depending on the operating system of your device.

                  3.  At the bottom of the box click on “Open URL:Zoom Launcher” or “Open Zoom”.  You will be taken directly to the live-stream and automatically be logged in.  If asked to enter a password, enter 245796


Those Who Have NOT Previously Successfully Joined a Live Stream Follow These Instructions:

                   1.  At the bottom of this page is a link titled “Click Here to Access the ZOOM Live-Stream”.  Click on that link.

                   2.  The ZOOM app will be loaded onto the device you are using.  You must accept the app and allow it to install in order to view the live-stream. 

                    3.  Once installed the app will ask you to enter your name.  This will identify you to the host computer that is sending out the live-stream.  If asked to enter a password for the meeting, enter 245796 PLEASE NOTE:  NO ONE VIEWING THE BROADCAST WILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOU!!!!  THE VIDEO IS STRICTLY A 1-WAY STREAM FROM THE CHURCH SERVICE TO THE VIEWERS. 

                     4.  BE SURE TO MUTE THE MICROPHONE ON YOUR DEVICE!!  While no one can see you, everyone can hear you if your microphone isn’t muted.  The operator at the host pc can mute some devices remotely, but others can’t be muted by the host operator.  So, it is vital that each participant verifies that his/her device has been muted, and if it hasn’t, to mute it his/her self.  Once you have entered your name you will be allowed to view the live stream as soon as the "meeting" is opened by the host at the church building.  ONCE YOU HAVE LOGGED IN TO THE LIVE-STREAM CHECK THE LOWER LEFT CORNER OF THE IMAGE ON YOUR SCREEN.  IF THE MICROPHONE ICON THERE IS NOT MUTED, PLEASE CLICK THAT ICON TO MUTE THE MICROPHONE ON YOUR DEVICE.  THAT WILL PREVENT ALL VIEWERS FROM HEARING WHAT YOU MIGHT BE SAYING.

NOTE:  This is a 1-time install.  Logging on to all subsequent Northland worship service live-streams will be much easier.  Simply follow the directions in the section above labeled “For Those Who Have Previously Successfully Joined a Live-Stream”.


Please understand that these actions are being taken to protect the physical health of our church family. Our primary concern remains the spiritual health of each member. Don’t hesitate to contact the Elders or Lee if you have any concerns (physical or spiritual).


Matthew 18:20 - “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.”


Click Here to Access the ZOOM Live-Stream