south sudan african mission

35% of Northland's missions income goes to this organization.  To learn more about it, CLICK HERE to go to the SSAM website.

Northland has supported this mission for four years.  When we started that first year, we expressed to the mission's board our desire to fund the drilling of a water well in a village in the area that had no local source of clean drinking water.  By the end of that first year sufficient financial support had been provided to see that desire fulfilled.  Beginning the second year and continuing to the present, Northland has provided the financial support to pay Dr. John's salary and buy some of the medical supplies needed for the mobile medical clinic.  Dr. John is the chief administrator and physician a the clinic in Aweil - one of the 5 medical facilities located in South Sudan.  He also serves and the on-the-ground contact person for all SSAM mission activities.

KU Campus christians

30% of our missions funding goes to this organization.  For more information about this ministry CLICK HERE to go their website.

Central Christian College of the Bible

35% of our missions funding goes to this college.  To learn more about it, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

Other Supported Missions

The three organizations shown above are the ones that Northland supports as a congregation.  Individual members also provide financial support to a variety of other missions organizations such as IDES, Show-Me Christian Youth Home, West Central Missouri Service Camp, Rachael House, City Union Mission, and several other ministries.