YOUFF group stuff

And what, you may ask, does "YOUFF" mean???







Childrens' Church

This program provides a complete worship experience similar to the adult worship service and including offering, song service, prayer time, communion, and lesson time. BUT, all of these elements are geared to children age 4 through 5th grade. The kids are actively engaged in all parts of the service. During the lesson time the children learn how to apply scriptural principles in situations they have to deal with daily. The lessons are usually taught by means of skits in which adults play the parts of children who are experiencing those issues.    Currently, the song service, prayer time, offering, and communion service are being conducted in the normal fashon.  However, due to the intermittent attendance and occasional staffing issues the corona virus pandemic has fostered, lessons are being presented via videos created specifically to teach application of scriptural principles in situations this age group deals with on a daily basis.  It is our prayer that the Lord will deal with the virus in such a way that it no longer poses a threat so that services and activities can return to normal, and that He will do so quickly!

Preacher Rufus